ASCII is an abbreviation for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and to make things a bit more clear it is a character encoding standard for electronic communication. It was invented as a 7-bit character set (128 bytes), but as it became common to use 8-bit bytes to store each character in memory, the opportunity for extended 8-bit relatives of ASCII was provided. Also, as communication and computer technology has spread throughout the world, different variations of ASCII were developed to express non-English languages characters.

The first 32 codes of the ASCII table are reserved for unprintable control characters such…

A batch file is a script file which contains series of commands that get executed one after the other, in a sequence. A batch file is created in a simple plain text file (Notepad or WordPad) with .bat extension and is executed by the command-line interpreter (cmd.exe known as Command Prompt in Windows).

They are usually created to automate jobs that need to be done periodically such as deleting files or logs to free up disk space, backups on a daily/monthly/weekly basis, testing or checking a list of active/inactive users or addresses in network, creating daily/weekly/monthly reports with information about…

To prevent unauthorized access to the REST services, Oracle Apex is providing a few various security methods. One of the easiest methods to implement is First-Party Authentication also known as “Basic authentication” which will be covered in this article.

In order to protect the REST services, a role, privilege, and assigned privilege to the service we want to protect need to be created. All these segments must work together to provide security.

The starting point will be to check Oracle Apex for all the created users and groups they are associated with, as well as the privileges of the same…

While creating complex applications within Oracle Application Express (APEX)it might happen that an Oracle Database needs to be exposed to the RESTful Web, or the application itself might have to interact with other databases by creating client-side API requests. In either of the two cases mentioned it will certainly be needed to install Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) which enables turning an Oracle database into a modern RESTful API Service.

REST access to data is a common requirement for most web applications, so by using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) together with Oracle Application Express (APEX) the database will be…

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